5 Political Novels that Changed Country’s Governance

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Political Novels basically tell you about the various concepts of the politics like the factors required for the improvement of the politics among the people, causes of the failures of the politics, consequences of the failures and the formulation of the new ideas in the politics so as to change and improvement of the political situation in the locality.

Here, we are presenting you the 5 Political Novels that have to change the Governance of a country.

1. Crashing the Gate

Crashing the Gate

It is a perfect novel by Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong which was published in the year 2006 and that had changed about the concept and idea of the American Democratic Party and hence produced the new grounds for the political movements.

2. 1984

1984 is the best Political novel that is being written by George Orwell and that has told the people about the freedom of thought and speech that ultimately helps in awaring the people about their rights and duties. There are some terms used in the novel which is still used like; Bog Brother, Double Think, and Thought Crime etc.

3. Beloved


The novel “Beloved” is written by the famous author Ton Morrison which briefly explains the factors which deal with the legacy of the slavery. It is basically an inspirational story of a runaway slave who denied taking the orders of killing his daughter by his former owners. This novel briefly explains the dark side of the so called high society and how a bonded laborer broke all his chains for saving his beloved ones.

4. To Kill a Mocking Bird

It is a perfect novel on the dark effects of the racial inequality which was written by Harper Lee in 1930. This book perfectly created an indelible mark on the society and generations. This novel tells us that all the humans are equal and not a single one deserves to cope with the consequences of the racial inequality.

5. Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

This novel was written by the well known Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe. This novel is all about the sudden fall down of the tribal society by the arrival of the Christian Missionaries. IT briefly explains the effects of colonialism of the African culture.